INCOLAC instant full cream milk powder is made from 100% pure cow’s milk. It has the delicious and creamy taste of fresh cow’s milk. Our INCOLAC milk powder is a source of vitamins A & D3, it contains calcium and 17 essential nutrients.

INCOLAC instant milk powder dissolves easily in warm and cold water and is ideal for both drinking and cooking.

Our INCOLAC milk powder is available in tins and sachets.



INCOLAC UHT milk in cartons is available in three varieties: in addition to full-fat and semi-skimmed milk, we also offer low-fat milk.

Our UHT milk is made from the best Belgian milk.

INCOLAC milk is heat-treated for about three to four seconds at over 140 °C. This guarantees that our products have a ‘fresh milk’ taste and ensures the conservation of as many of the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk as possible.



Our INCOLAC flavoured milk is a ready-to-drink milk produced from full cream milk and is available in 4 popular flavours: chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla.

INCOLAC flavoured milk drinks are packed in handy re-sealable 500 ml bottles with a screw top. 

The UHT process guarantees an excellent product made from high-quality Belgian milk. 

The nutritional value of these milk drinks is excellent due to the fact that we use milk with a 3.2% fat content. 

There’s no doubt that our milk drinks provide a great alternative to a quick and healthy snack.



Our INCOLAC sterilised milk is made from Belgian milk of the highest quality.

Unlike our INCOLAC UHT milk, our sterilised milk undergoes a heat treatment once filled in a bottle.

This after-sterilisation gives a little sweetener taste.The nutritional values however are really good and can be compared with UHT milk.

Our sterilised milk is available in full cream and semi-skimmed milk, packed in a handy, re-closable 500ml bottle.



Our INCOLAC mozzarella is made from pure cow’s milk. 

It has a fresh, mild and slightly acid taste. INCOLAC mozzarella comes in individual blocks of 2.4 kg.

With its meaty and firm body, INCOLAC mozzarella is easy to shred. Our INCOLAC 100% shredded mozzarella has ideal stretching properties, a pleasant mouthfeel and a neutral dairy taste.

Thanks to its good melting properties our shredded mozzarella is extremely fit for pizza and cook au gratin. When baked, our mozzarella cheese melts smoothly and browns nicely with golden blisters.



Our INCOLAC butter is made by churning in a traditional way the fresh cream derived from our own milk collection. The yellowish tan, the milky taste and the creamy texture are typical for this top quality Belgian product.

Therefore, our butter is highly appreciated by everyone.We produce lactic or sweetcream butter, either unsalted or salted, packed in 250g alufoil